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We believe in what we do and that’s why we're committed to helping more people like you, every day. To make sure the process is as seamless as it can be, there are lots of ways we can work together. Our range of services can be tailored to suit your goals, your business, or your project. Don't forget, we specialize in thinking outside-the-box. If you're looking for new ways to bring your project to life, then have our team design a solution that's truly unique.

 • Structural design of residential, industrial and commercial buildings up to 5 storey high.
 • Beams (Steel/Timber/Concrete)
 • Portal frames - Structural Modelling in design software Etabs, Sframe, SAP2000.
 • Lintels/verandah beams/ridge
 • Foundation 
 • Ribraft (TC2,3), Xpods
 • Rafters, Purlins, Girts
 • Strip footing, Pad foundations 
 • Timber ordinary, cantilever, driven piles
 • In-Situ/Masonry Retaining Walls
 • Masonry walls
 • Timber structures
 • Decks
 • Barriers
 • Flooring
 • Joists
 • Bearers
 • Structural Supporting Posts
 • Seismic design, Forensic Engineering
 • Soil Testing & Stormwater Reports
 • Initial and Detailed Seismic Assesment
 • Geotechnical
 • Scala tests, CPT, SPT
 • Engineer's Assessment Reports
 • Commercial and Industrial Structure
 • Warehouse
 • Modular housing
 • Screw Piles
 • Civil design
 • Roads, bridges, culverts, abutments
 • Screw piles
 • Barrier/handrail and connections 
 • Composite structures 

Dairy Platforms 
Silo foundations 
Pipe bridges

Modular structures 
Affordable Container houses
Residential decks, fencing,etc

Resource Consent
Building Consent 

Structural Drafting

PS1, PS4, Design Memo, B2 letters, Structural assessment letters.


Unlike some companies, we don’t limit you to a “one size fits all” approach. We’re here to help you find the solution that works for you. So take a closer look at what we can offer and if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Structural Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Environmental Engineering & Contamination

Seismic Engineering

Infrastructure & Subdivision Engineering

Project & Construction Management

Research And Development