Civil and Structural Engineering

Shaun Kumar 


About me:
I am a Chartered Civil/Structural Engineer/Project Manager in Australia and NZ. 

Below are my affiliations & qualifications:

I am a Chartered Structural Engineer currently working in NZ and Australia with over 13 years of professional design and drafting experience. I have designed in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand and am very familiar with Australian, New Zealand and European codes. I can provide PS1 design certificates and PS4 site supervision certificate as needed by local councils.

 I have studied at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

I am proficient with SAP2000, MathCAD,Microstran, Spacegass, AutoCAD, MS Office, Design-IT, Slope W (geoslope). I have done more than 5000 designs ranging from residential to commercial. I have carried out site inspections and liaised with clients and architects. I hope to assist you with my skills and experience and deliver to impress.

I have been performing structural analysis and design since 2004 with finite element analysis as my main area of focus. I have designed and analyzed everything from large container structures to residential timber design. When working on a project my number one goal is the safety and reliability of my calculation and structural engineering drawings. I will work tirelessly to achieve that goal while still providing great value to my clients. I provide creative personal service to all my clients, offering architectural services, structural engineering consultancy, design advice and creative consultancy as an Expert Architectural and Structural Designer. My specialization is design of reinforced concrete (RC) structure, steel structure, and steel reinforced concrete (SRC) structure. Working with me, you never have to worry about wasting time and money in your architectural designing and structural engineering subjects because I have a passion for creating unique spaces, sourcing, and using instinct, planning, light and patterns to present my designs. 

🏆 I create a design that is a direct reflection of what my clients require. 
🏆 I work with my clients on each step to ensure that all the details are taken into account. 
🏆 I pay extreme attention to details and enjoy challenges in my work. - My emphasis is on solidity, durability, functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics. 

There are some additional techniques that I use but we can talk about those once we have a chance to speak.
Service description: 
✅ Structural calculations 
✅ Structural design of RC / steel / wood structures 
✅ Spacegass
✅ Microstran
✅ Sframe
✅ AutoCAD structural drawing plan of structures